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Since its beginning in 1867 as a home for Civil War orphans, St. Paul’s has depended on the generosity of donors to support and sustain its vital mission.

St. Paul’s Without Walls officially formed in 2011 to offer home-based services to help consumers stay in their own homes as independently and safely as possible.

Why give to St. Paul’s Without Walls?

As a nonprofit charitable organization, we rely upon people like you to help us fulfill our mission, and we offer a variety of donation options to make contributing easy and flexible.

Whether you are grateful for the care St. Paul’s provided for you or a loved one or just have it in your heart to give to help those in need, we value and appreciate your support.

You can designate where your donation will go and select a program or initiative that you find worthy of your gift.

Meet the Charitable Giving Office Team

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Administrative Assistant:
Gail Fay
(724) 588-9613 ext. 1217

Director of Annual Giving:
Teresa Findley
(724) 588-9613 ext. 1237

Director of Planned & Major Giving:
Dawn Hartman
(724) 588-9613 ext. 1214