Fred Kroen, WOW Client

“If you need help, you can’t get any better than this!”

Betty Stewart, WOW Client

“She (Virginia) spoils me like my kids do! I don’t know what I’d do without her!”

Mary Jones, WOW Care Partner

“These residents have dignity, they need to look nice and feel good. I treat Lucille like she was my own grandmother. I love to help her fix her hair and put lipstick on her and when she looks in the mirror, she grins from ear to ear.”

Shannan Adams-Reagle, WOW Care Partner

“I love what I do. There really is something different every day. And it’s so nice to know that you are trusted to be in their home and sharing their personal environment. I enjoy hearing their stories and memories. They are all so sweet. I really enjoy their company–it’s very easy to get close to my clients.”

Virginia Smith, WOW Care Partner

“It’s amazing how complete strangers can come together – we’re all on the same team. I love working with Betty. I wouldn’t do anything to cut my hours or change my schedule — we just have to be together. ”