St. Paul’s Senior Living Community

St Pauls Aerial Sm

St. Paul’s was established in 1867 — 2017 marks St. Paul’s sesquicentennial.

The mission of St. Paul’s, formed and sustained by the Judeo-Christian faith, and historically related to the United Church of Christ, is to provide meaning, richness of life, health care, and other supportive services, while maintaining and enhancing the dignity of human life.

The vision of St. Paul’s is to create a sense of belonging and purpose by providing a nurturing environment in a place you call home.

  • St. Paul’s core values are compassion, person-centered care and security.
  • St. Paul’s is an Eden Alternative community values the human spirit and is committed to culture change in senior living.
  • St. Paul’s offers comprehensive senior living services and accommodations
    • Independent living
    • Catered independent living (with services)
    • Personal care and specialized personal care dementia care
    • Skilled nursing care — Short-term and long-term stays
    • Home and community based services

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