Administrative Staff

Jim Sherman,

Jim joined the WOW team during its inception in 2012. He has worked with home care and social service programs throughout his career and was instrumental in the development of services and programs offered by Without Walls. As the director, he focuses his attention on client relations, staff development, as well as overall program development. He is a lifelong resident of the Mercer County area, has been married for twenty-five years to his wife Leah, and they have two sons. Jim states, “I enjoy what I do on behalf of St. Paul`s because it connects with my faith and values of supporting family, friends, and community. I feel extremely blessed to be part of St. Paul’s and all it offers.” 

Linda Iliff,
Office Manager

Linda Joined the WOW team in 2012 during its inception. Linda focuses her time managing day to day operations including billing, payroll, and scheduling as well as staff and client relations. Prior to Without Walls, Linda worked in several departments of St. Paul’s since 2007, her most recent as a Certified Nurse Assistant. Linda enjoys her job because “No two days are ever the same! There is so much going on every single day. I enjoy working with our staff and clients and have really enjoyed being here from the beginning and seeing the changes and the growth and how we are improving and evolving. It’s very exciting!”

Nadine Buchanon,
Administrative Assistant

Nadine joined the WOW team in 2014. She served as a caregiver for two years and now serves as the administrative assistant handling client and staff inquiries and daily office tasks. Nadine finds her work enjoyable, stating, “I work with wonderful, respectful, and kind people. We get to help our clients and witness and receive immediate and long-term emotional rewards for that service”

Michelle O’Malley,
Community Outreach Specialist

Michelle joined the WOW team in 2012 as a Companion/Care Partner and moved to her new role as Community Outreach Specialist in 2015. As the Community Outreach Specialist, she is responsible for developing relationships in the community, promoting Without Walls to prospective clients and referral sources and senior technology, as well as client relations and staff development. Michelle loves her job!  

She shares, “It is a privilege to work with our clients and their families in a very intimate/personal way. It is most rewarding as they allow us to come into their lives and their homes during difficult times to provide the care and services they need. 

Having been a care partner, I have the perspective of being sensitive to the support and training our staff needs to effectively care for our clients. I am proud to work for and alongside many dedicated individuals St. Paul’s.”